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Northern Sky Choice: Musicport Launch

The Coliseum, Whitby
Friday 1 April 2016

Widely regarded as the finest touring Salsa Orchestra Tromboranga is the pure essence of 'Salsa Dura' the salsa style developed in the 1970s with an emphasis on the instrumental part of the music (piano, bass, horns and percussion) over the lead vocals. Tromboranga's spicy ingredients are led by the trombones and strong percussion, creating a raw, strong and a very danceable sound. Tromboranga is made up of musicians from the Caribbean and Europe, all residents of Barcelona, Spain.

After six albums, Tromboranga are one of the most popular Salsa bands in the world circuit and they have truly become international, not only traveling in Europe, but touring in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and  recently conquering the USA. Their music is very popular with Salsa dance aficionados, as well as a growing Latino fan base in Latin America, the USA and the Latino diaspora .

There will be a big dancefloor on the night and special offers on festival tickets as well as the unveiling of the new Musicport graphic and poster design.

Confirmed acts (subject to contract) for Musicport Festival (21-23rd October) with other international acts still to be announced:

The Magic Numbers
Lynched (Eyre)  
Quraishi (Afghanistan)
Kathryn Tickell and The Side
Martin Taylor
Don Letts (DJ set)  
Ragged Union (USA)
Moscow Drug Club
Jamie Smith's Mabon (Wales)
Maz O'Connor
Michael Messer's Mitra (India/UK)
Black Umfolosi (Zimbabwe)
Ben Ezra (Israel)
Himmerland (Denmark)
Jess Wright and Delia Stevens
Cera Impala and The New Prohibition
Project 12 (India/UK)
Bob's Blundabus (Comedy Venue)
Carrivick Sisters
Roryt McLeod's Familiar Strangers
Peace Artistes
Coope Boyes and Simpson

More Info:
Tel: 01947 603475