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January Edition


The Northern Sky Magazine has been around for a good ten years now, which began life as a private journal, then a public MySpace blog, then somewhere along the line it transformed into a rather nice looking website dedicated to music reviews, photographs, interviews and the occasional feature. After discovering the fact that other people were picking up on some of the reviews and enjoying some of the photographs and interviews that I managed to record on my travels, a decision was made to start a weekly radio show as a supplement to the website and these days I really can't decide whether Northern Sky is a website with an accompanying radio show or a radio show with an accompanying website. It don't suppose it really matters.

After ten years I feel it's the right time to re-organise Northern Sky, which will see a slightly reduced comittment from myself, in as much as the weekly 90-minute radio show will become a monthly programme, starting from January 1st, which will then be uploaded to the website each month thereafter as near to the first of the month as possible, with website updates also appearing at the beginning of each month instead of popping up at random intervals.

The regular features will still be here including a monthly look at a selected vintage vinyl LP (see Vinyl Junkie section under the 'Radio' drop down box) as well as a featured 45rpm gem from the 'little orange box' (see Singled Out section). Each month will also feature at least one preview of a chosen concert, festival or special event under the heading 'Northern Sky Choice', which a member of our team will attend and then review for the website. Incidentally, if you would like to contribute to the Northern Sky website, then just drop us a line.

Can I send special thanks to Stevie at Blues and Roots Radio for supporting the show over the past year, Keith Belcher, who throughout the year provided some wonderful reviews, my son Liam who also contributes reviews as well as his regular 'Liam's Choice' to the radio show and photographer Phil Carter who regularly contributes brilliant photographs to the website. Thank you to everyone who has supported Northern Sky over the last year and further back still, whether a contributor, an artist, a promoter, a reader, a listener or just a curious visitor to the website and I hope to see you on my travels in the weeks and months to come.   

Very best wishes and a very Happy New Year

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky