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January Edition


A sprinkling of seasonal positivity is due methinks, in fact if you're reading this, then you more than likely survived 2016, which in the face of it, is no mean feat. Sadly, many didn't make it through and the notion of ringing out the old and ringing in the new never before sounded quite so apt. Yes, we'll miss Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Prince, Guy Clark, Dave Swarbrick, Greg Lake, Keith Emerson and the many others who didn't quite make it, but we very much look forward to giving our remaining artists all the attention they thoroughly deserve. The New Year promises to be a better year and Northern Sky will continue to promote a positive attitude in the face of challenging times ahead. Oh there are plenty of opportunities to rage deliriously elsewhere, such as on social media, on the stage or upon street soap boxes, but not around here; our aim is to promote a positive attitude and to celebrate music in the spirit in which it should be celebrated.

The first port of call in January will be Normafest up there in Whitby, where we'll be bringing a special report with lots of pictures and a real sense of family tradition from one of the prettiest seaside towns in England. We're also delighted around here to see that Ray Davies, author of such memorable songs as Waterloo Sunset, Sunny Afternoon, Lola and Autumn Almanac, has been recognised in the New Year's honours list with a well-deserved Knighthood. Whether you appreciate this sort of thing or not, it has to be said that Sir Ray deserves a major pat on the back for bringing us such a fine repertoire of songs that helped some of us through adolescence. Arise Sir Ray and thank you for the days. 

On a more personal note, I couldn't be more pleased with the help that Northern Sky has received over the last couple of months from our growing team of contributors, namely Liam, Phil, Kev, Marc, Damian, Ian, Mary, Tony, Keith and Stephen. I hope all of you stay around through 2017 with the same sort of positivity that you have shown in recent months. Northern Sky is a much richer place for your support and long may it continue.

Finally, can I wish all our contributors, the artists we cover, their management, PR people, festival organisers and promoters, together with all our readers, a very Happy New Year. Hope to see you around and about sometime in the coming year.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky