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Number 403 - 25.11.15

Theme Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)
Crime and Punishment - Ferocious Dog (From Without)
Linelis - Plantec (Kontakt)
Trouble - Bellstop (Karma)
Sinking Down a Well - Glencoe (Glencoe)
Whatever You Wanted - Bob Bradshaw (Whatever You Wanted)
100 Ways of Being Alone - Bettysoo (When We’re Gone)
Seed Stitch - Emily Portman (Single)
Gamekeepers - Blazin’ Fiddles (North)
The Trees They Grow Tall - Sarah Hayes (Woven)
Love of the Common People - Nicky Thomas (Single)
Aubade - The Gentle Good (Tethered For The Storm)
Souma Manone - Ablaye Cissoko (Djaliya)
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) - George Harrison (Living In The Material World)
Look Me in the Eye - Glencoe (Glencoe)
Coffee Creek - The Slocan Ramblers (Coffee Creek)
Fury of the Storm - Marie-Claire Berreen and her Husbands (Come Home)
Bonapart’s Expedition - Andy May (About Time)
Leksa - Kyrre Slind (Open Airs)
Fire Lake - De Fuego (Davide)
Telephonia - Glencoe (Glencoe)
Outro Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)