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Number 407 - 23.12.15

Theme Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)
Take Me Home - Ron Pope and the Nighthawks (Ron Pope and the Nighthawks)
Shooting Star - North Country Fair (Brandy From a Stranger)
Werewolves of London - Ric Sanders Trio (Standin' on the Corner)
No Range - Capability Brown (From Scratch)
Box of Clouds - Krista Detor (Barely)
A Room of Your Own - Marina Florance (This That and the Other)
2000 Miles - The Unthanks (Memory Box)
When Christmas Day is Near - Ange Hardy (EP)
Every Midnight Mile - Gilmore and Roberts (Single)
The House of the Rising Sun - Frijid Pink (Single)
Cat to the Rat - Danny Barnes (Got Myself Together)
If We Make It Through December - Over the Rhine (Blood Oranges In The Snow)
River - Joni Mitchell (Blue)
Garden - Capability Brown (From Scratch)
Can You - Sophie Hosken Taylor (Maps)
British Man of War - Dan Webster (The Tin Man)
Bantu Biko/Sueno en la Fabrica - Dizu Plaatjies and Friends (Ubuntu: The Common String)
Townships/Biko - Martn Simpson (Grinning in Your Face)
Biko Drum - Christy Moore (Unfinished Revolution)
Liar - Capability Brown (From Scratch)
Outro Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)