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Number 442 - 01.12.17

Laissez Passer - Tootard (Laissez Passer)
I Know What I Know - Paul Simon (Graceland)
Billy the Kid - Ry Cooder (Into the Purple Valley)
Landmarks - All the Luck in the World (Single)
Interview - Afro Celt Sound System
Now Be Thankful - Fairport Convention (Single)
The Obby Oss - Jim Causley (I Am The Song)
Oh My Doughnuts - Pons Aelius (Captain Glen's Comfort)
Looking for Ornette - Andy Sheppard Quartet (Surrounded by Sea)
Great Dreams From Heaven - Ry Cooder (Into the Purple Valley)
Coming in on a Wing and Prayer - Joseph Spence (The Complete Folkways Recordings 1958)
Softbone - James Edge and the Mindstep (Single)
Stockholm - Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards (California Calling)
Denomination Blues - Ry Cooder (Into the Purple Valley)