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Number 447 - 15.02.18

Theme Tune: Put It Where You Want It - The Crusaders (Groove Crusade)
The Last Leaf - Crayon Angels (Postcards EP)
New Year's Day - Ady Johnson (London Songs)
Fall Away Blues - Red Tail Ring (Fall Away Blues)
Purgatory - Tyler Childers (Purgatory)
Mother Goose - Jethro Tull (Aqualung)
Sixty Spanish Horses - Zoe Boekbinder and Dustin Hamman (Among Horses II)
I Love Everything You Do - Mike Reinstein (Acts of Love)
Bullet Holes in the Sky - Mary Gauthier (Rifles and Rosary Beads)
Forrozinho Moderno - Camarão - (The Imaginary Soundtrack to a Brazilian Western Movie 1964-1974)
Dark Allan, I Would Go With You - Maeve Mackinnon (Siri)
The Weavers Answer - Family (Single)
Breathe - Andrew McCormack's Graviton (Graviton)
Tired of Waiting For You - Ben Crosland Quartet (The Ray Davies Songbook)
Marina's Song - Dan Whieldon Trio (Positive Changes)
Aqualung - Jethro Tull (Aqualung)
Karachal - Alash (Achai)
Davy Lowston - June Tabor (A Cut Above)
On Berrow Sands - Quercus (Nightfall)
Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull (Aqualung)