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Number 461 - 15.09.18

Theme Tune: Put It Where You Want It - The Crusaders (Groove Crusade)
All Fall Down - Lindisfarne (Dingly Dell)
Plankton's Lament - Lindisfarne (Dingly Dell)
Bring Down the Government - Lindisfarne (Dingly Dell)
Working at the Car Wash Blues - Jim Croce (I Got a Name)
Nice - Bridget St John (Thank You For…)
Silver Coin - Bridget St John (Thank You For…)
Chairs Instead - A Different Thread (On a Whim)
Because He Was a Bonny Lad - The Unthanks (Here’s the Tender Coming)
Like Wolves in the Night - Niteworks (Air Fair an La)
The Molecatcher - Rachael McShane and the Cartographers (When All is Still)
Gut It To the Studs - Letitia VanSant (Gut It To the Studs)
Tomorrow Night - Atomic Rooster (Single)
Wild On Me Fast - Jim Lauderdale (Time Flies)
Dominoes - Paul McCartney (Egypt Station)
Love's In Need of Love Today - Stevie Wonder (Songs in the Key of Life)
The Cat on the Mixer/Three Left Feet - Fairport Convention (Expletive Delighted)
Live Life - Terry Reid (River)
Song of the Sea Goat - Pete Sinfield (Still)
Rusty Red Armour - Vinegar Joe (Vinegar Joe)
Lazarus - Bridget St John (Thank You For…)