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Number 101

Thin Lizzy - Whisky in the Jar (Decca F 13355 - 1972)

Once considered a 'one hit wonder' band, before their stretch at being one of the biggest live draws on the rock scene in the late 1970s, Thin Lizzy's introduction into our consciousness was via their re-working of an old seventeenth century Irish folk tune made popular some years earlier by The Dubliners. Starting as 'a lark', the song was released as a single in 1972. Although seen by much of the Irish community as a travesty, the song's commercial appeal saw the single reach number 6 on the British charts. It may have been a bit of light relief in the studio for the young Phil Lynott and co, but it remains one of the most recognised pop versions of an old folk song, mainly due to its infectious guitar riff.