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Number 103

Electric Light Orchestra - 10538 Overture (Harvest  HAR 5053 - 1972)

In the 1960s, one of the bands that forced me to part with my well-earned paper round wage was The Move, a band whose singles, however cheesy, would have me in a state of chronic servitude, feverishly adding each 45 to my singles box in date order, Blackberry Way, Curly, Brontosaurus etc., not to mention the later singles on the Harvest label, including Tonight and Chinatown. The later records began to mix straightforward rock and roll with classical instrumentation, certainly the prominence of the cello and the early incarnation of the Electric Light Orchestra took this one step further. Although still sounding very much like The Move, mainly due to the fact that Roy Wood was in the band, the Electric Light Orchestra burst on the scene with the oddly titled 10538 Overture, apparently a song about a prisoner. Well I remember seeing the band around about this time at the Top Rank in Doncaster well before all the spaceships arrived.