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Number 104

Family - The Weavers Answer (Reprise Records - RS 27009 - 1970)

Family was one of the rock bands of the late 1960s whose music came to me first and foremost through 45rpm singles, rather than the unaffordable albums of the time. For a kid with a paper round and a hunger for records, the format suited me just fine until real life, real work and extra cash came along. I was lucky enough to have on my doorstep a couple of decent record stalls on Doncaster Market, where ex-jukebox records were quite plentiful and the choice eclectic. The Weavers Answer was Family's seventh single release and appeared as an EP under the title of Strange Band, named after one of the two songs that appeared on the B side, the other being Hung Up Down. I remember buying the single immediately, not for the name of the band nor indeed the label, two important elements to any record purchases at the time, but because it had three songs on it rather than just the two. A bargain. Despite Roger Chapman's voice been something of an acquired taste, the band soon became one of my own personal favourite bands at the time. After seven years together and seven albums to show for it, the band disbanded in 1973 and The Weavers Answer became the final song that was played at their last gig.