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Number 110

Prelude - After the Goldrush (Dawn DNS1052 - 1973)

Prelude were, and still are, a vocal harmony group from the North East of England, originally consisting of husband and wife team Brian and Irene Hume, together with Ian Vardy on guitar. Despite only reaching number 21 and number 22 respectively in both the British and American Billboard singles charts, the a cappella version of this Neil Young song remains one of the song's most memorable versions and is still played regularly on radio today. Apparently, according to Brian Hume, the single came about by accident after the group sang it whilst waiting for a bus. It sounded so nice that the band added the song to their live set and almost as an afterthought, put it on their debut album, which in turn led to a sort of novelty single. Hume claims that the version that the band perform in their set to this day, sounds no different to the song they sang in that bus stop back in the early 1970s.