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Number 117

Fleetwood Mac - Man of the World (DJM DJS 620 - 1969)

After the success of such records as Black Magic Woman, Need Your Love So Bad and the band's first number one single Albatross, signs began to emerge that the band might be in trouble, with the release of this delicate and mournful ballad, which demonstrated a more fragile side of singer/guitarist Peter Green. Things were indeed going pear-shaped for the band, which eventually saw Green's withdrawal from the band and the public eye, and also the disappearance of Jeremy Spencer, who allegedly on a visit to the States, went out to buy a magazine, never to return, having joined a religious cult. It was during these years of personal difficulties that led to the eventual transition of one if the UKs leading blues bands becoming one of the world’s most prominent stadium rock bands, leaving their roots behind in favour of a West Coast soft rock sensibility. Man of the World remains one of the band's saddest ballads ever released.