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Number 12

Curved Air - Back Street Luv (Warner Brothers K16092 - 1971)

In 1971 Prog Rock had taken hold and just about anything with a cleverly designed LP sleeve was filed in record shops under that banner, whether it was Prog or not. Prog was pretty much confined to the long playing record, yet record companies still insisted that there was chart potential in the genre. All I seem to remember about the band, the two or three times I saw them during the early days was Darryl Way’s extended violin solos, with or without cannons, whilst the velvet and satin-clad  Goddess known as Sonja Kristina swayed across the stage. Curved Air’s Back Street Luv was every bit as Prog as anything else they recorded at the time but the song definitely had a catchy sing-a-long chorus and was just long enough to keep the daytime radio DJs sweet. The single still holds the distinction of being the only record to hit number 4 in the hit parade that starts with an ascending stereophonic fart.