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Number 16

Eric Burdon and War - Spill the Wine (MCA 14118 - 1970)

The 1960s saw some dramatic changes in music in a relatively short ten year period, from the beat groups of the early part of the decade to the totally transformed rock stars of the late Sixties and early Seventies. Who could really have seen Sgt Pepper coming, whilst watching The Beatles perform at the Royal Command Performance in 1963, let alone revolution 9? The Animals were the scruffy untidy end of the blues-based beat groups of the mid-1960s but by 1970, lead singer Eric Burdon emerged as quite possibly the very first Latin rapper in pop music, according to War band mate Lonnie Jordon. I first heard the single Spill the Wine in the early 1970s on a United Artists sampler and was immediately attracted to its infectious groove. The inspiration for the song apparently came from an amused Burdon finding an upturned wine glass on the mixing desk in the recording studio. Burdon and Jordon both found it so funny that they decided to write and record the song there and then.