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Number 19

Lindisfarne - Meet Me on the Corner (Charisma CB173 - 1971)

I could never understand why Lindisfarne were labelled a Progressive Rock band in the early 1970s, other than the tenuous connection of recording for the famous Charisma label, which also had on its roster bands like Genesis, The Nice, Van der Graaf Generator, Rare Bird and curiously Monty Python. I first discovered the band when they appeared on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1971, featuring their classic line-up of Ray Jackson on lead vocals and harmonica, the song's author Rod Clements on bass, Simon Cowe on acoustic 12 string, Ray Laidlaw on a big bass drum and hidden away somewhere in the background Alan Hull on piano, sporting a Newcastle United football shirt. The song, which tipped its hat at Bob Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man, was memorably played on my transistor radio on the school bus on the way to a school sporting event across town.