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Number 29

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (RCA Victor 47/9248 - 1967)

I was just ten in 1967 and so Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit was at best about Alice in Wonderland or more likely just about a white rabbit! The actual references to the then current drug culture in the lyrics would come later, along with a love for the actual music, which was categorised as either Psychedelic rock or Acid rock. Those lyrics were probably too clever for the censors, as other songs at the time, with any reference to drug taking, were immediately banned or censored on both TV and radio. The band performed the song at the legendary Woodstock festival, during their early morning performance, but it was bizarrely not included in the film, when much inferior material was shown. The footage materialised on the Woodstock Diaries series shown much later. I think the song's main appeal though is less to do with Lewis Carroll or drug taking, but with the Bolero-like build, which reaches its uplifting climax just two and a half minutes into the song.