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Number 39

The Beatles - We Can Work It Out (Parlophone R5389 - 1965)

The Beatles played the biggest part in my appreciation of music, from very early on. Yes I sang along to She Loves You and Love Me Do like the rest of them in the early 1960s, sitting in the corner doing a Beatles jigsaw puzzle whilst mum did the ironing and dad checked his pools coupon. I’ve always felt an enormous sense of privilege that I lived through the 1960s as a kid, waiting patiently for the next Beatles single to be released, which was often obtained by mum when the funds allowed. By midway through the decade the music began to change and unusual instruments began to appear on the records, in this case the harmonium, which was highly effective giving the song its unique sound. The song was good enough in its own right, but the single had the additional bonus of being the first of what they used to refer to as a 'double A side', in that the flip side of the single had an equally good song, in this case Day Tripper.