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Number 51

Badfinger - Come and Get It (Apple 20 - 1969)

Written and produced by Paul McCartney in 1969, Come and Get It was originally composed for the cult film The Magic Christian, which starred Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, the song featured in both the opening and closing sequences of the film as well as being the opening song on Badfinger's debut album Magic Christian Music. The song was originally recorded as a demo with Paul McCartney playing all the instruments, which the Beatle then passed on to Badfinger, then still The Iveys, demanding that the band record the song precisely to his arrangement on the demo. In subsequent years the band suffered much turmoil in terms of personal relationships and business difficulties, which resulted in not one, but two suicides, most notably Peter Ham, who wrote some of the band's most memorable songs including Without You, which became a huge hit for both Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey.