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Number 59

Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels (Warner Bros 7529 - 1971)

Quite by coincidence, I left school in the summer of 1972 just as Alice Cooper's record Schools Out was enjoying some chart success in the UK, the song reaching the number one spot in June of that year. The single itself should possibly have been chosen for this Singled Out choice, due to its significance; a definite rights of passage song. Who else left school to a madman screaming 'school's out forever' all over the airwaves? It was an anthem for sure. But it was the year before that when I first became aware of the LA band led by the charismatic sword-wielding, snake charming, mascara wearing Vincent Furnier, when I heard the opening song to the band's previous album Killer, released in the winter of 1971. It was Under My Wheels that first caught my attention, a rock and roll song with attitude, which also opened the Warner Bros sampler album Fruity, the first circular shaped album sleeve I had ever come across. The song would be played repeatedly at a friend's house every Saturday night as we two 15 year-olds enjoyed a bottle of Guinness and a night of rock music, possibly the original Bill and Ted, recently of Balby High School.