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Number 60

McGuinness Flint - When I'm Dead and Gone (Capitol CL15662 - 1970)

Although most of the music I was listening to in 1970 centred around the growing underground popularity of rock music with the emergence of such bands as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Free and Wishbone Ash to name but a few, there was always room for bands with a strong acoustic sound. Most of the singles that I was steadily collecting at the time had an acoustic guitar in there somewhere, and now and again the mandolin was included, bringing with it a more distinctive style. Led Zeppelin were using acoustic guitars and mandolins as were the Faces. When Manfred Mann's Tom McGuinness and John Mayall's Hughie Flint teamed up with songwriters Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle, together with keyboard player Dennis Coulston, a new and very distinct acoustic sound was born with McGuinness Flint's debut single, a song that would be frequently heard on the pop radio channels of the day, and a song that is still regularly played today.