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Number 66

Frijid Pink - The House of the Rising Sun (Deram DM288 - 1970)

I first became aware of the Detroit band Frijid Pink in the late 1960s when I first heard their re-working of this old American folk song. Dylan had a bash at it on his debut LP in 1962 based on an arrangement by Dave Van Ronk. A couple of years later The Animals recorded possibly the definitive version of the song, featuring Hilton Valentine’s guitar arpeggios and Alan Price's driving Vox Continental organ. However, tastes were changing by the late 1960s and rock music had reached a new level, with a much harder approach sound developing. Frijid Pink, a band formed in 1967, recorded this psychedelic version of the song as an almost throw away recording, having spare time left over in the studio. The single went on to be played on UK radio quite a lot in 1970 the year of its release and reached number 4 in the UK charts.