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Number 70

The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women (Decca F.12952 - 1969)

Originally written as a country song, influenced by both Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers, Honky Tonk Women has become one of The Rolling Stones' signature tunes over the last six decades. The song was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and was released as two quite different versions; the single version and a country honky tonk version, which appeared on the Let It Bleed album in the same year 1969. On the single version our heroine was discovered in a bar room in Memphis, whilst on the album, the action moved to Jackson, some 210 miles away. Brian Jones was at the sessions when the original country version was recorded, but by the time the band came to release the single version, Mick Taylor had joined the band after Jones' untimely death, the song becoming something quite different, with its familiar guitar riff and one of Charlie Watts' finest moments, a casual cowbell motif intro that is now instantly recognisable around the world.