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Number 73

Genesis - I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (Charisma CB 224 - 1973)

I wasn't on board the Genesis bandwagon until well after the release of the band's fourth album FOXTROT sometime in early 1973 and I distinctly recall eagerly awaiting around for their next instalment, which came in the form of SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND in the same year. Strange lyrics appealed to me back then as a school kid growing up in the working class environment of Doncaster; the weirder the better in fact. The Peter Gabriel-period Genesis provided all the strangeness a fifteen year-old just out of school could possibly need. Although essentially an albums band, Genesis did release a handful of singles before this, none of which charted. Reaching number 21 in the charts, the Beatles-influenced song opened the door for a series of successful singles to be released subsequently, albeit without Gabriel at the helm.