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Number 77

Duncan Browne - Journey (RAK 135 - 1072)

I was just 15 when Duncan Browne's uplifting acoustic classic Journey hit the charts in 1972. Trained as a Classical guitarist, the English singer-songwriter's unusual style was a welcome change to some of the pop fodder around at the time, in fact the single was voted the most unusual single of the year. During the summer of 1972 I was on holiday in North Wales with a bunch of friends from a local youth club and the song became pretty much the soundtrack of that life-changing week; little wonder the song still resonates to this day. Duncan Browne's songs have been covered by Patti Smith, Ian Matthews, Colin Blunstone and most notably David Bowie, who covered his song Criminal World back in 1983. Duncan Browne died from cancer in 1993 aged 46.