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Number 81

Traffic - Hole in My Shoe (Island WIP 6017 - 1967)

In 1967, the entire rock and pop world seemed to be preoccupied with mind expanding experimentation, each following the lead created by the Beatles. More and more the sitar became a prominent feature on both singles and albums alike. When Dave Mason presented Hole in My Shoe to his band Traffic, they hated it, feeling it didn't fit in with their musical agenda. Adding to the weirdness of the song was the inclusion of a child's voice reciting pretty hippy rhetoric, not unlike The Nice version of Leonard Bernstein's America around the same time. In the case of Hole in My Shoe, the voice belonged to Island boss Chris Blackwell's step-daughter. Despite the mellotron, flute, sitar and kid’s talk, Hole in My Shoe remained Traffic's biggest selling single, which reached number 2 in the UK charts.