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Number 85

Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes (CBS S8271 - 1972)

In 1972, things began to change dramatically in the world of rock and roll. In the previous year it would be quite normal to see members of our rock bands wearing Levis, white tennis shoes, maybe a floral shirt and tank top, or possibly army surplus wear, and most of the audience would be suitably attired to match. Come 1972 though, things started to look quite different with glitter, satin and sequins as Glam Rock infiltrated our concert halls. Mott the Hoople was one such band whose initial LP releases were the former through and through, yet by 1972 and with a little help from David Bowie, Mott the Hoople changed dramatically, with platform shoes, unusually shaped guitars and a distinctly different attitude on stage. All the Young Dudes was produced by Bowie as was the album which followed shortly afterwards. The lyric referring to stealing clothes from Marks and Sparks had to be changed for radio to stealing clothes from unlocked cars, but the original is still widely played nevertheless.