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Number 89

The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (Pye International 7N25444 - 1967)
Whenever I search back through the singles collection here at Northern Sky, especially those in the mid to late 1960s section, there's always the danger of pulling out an item of what we then considered to be, and still consider to be, 'bubblegum' pop. In 1967 I was just ten years old, therefore I won't pretend that I was listening to progressive rock, modern jazz or floaty folk music, but was rather embroiled at the time, in a world of teeny pop culture, with music as seen on Top of the Pops and heard on Radio One. The Ohio-based pop group The Lemon Pipers were actually quite distinctive from other such outfits, in that unlike such bands as The Monkees, the Lemon Pipers had their own songwriters within the band. It was their producer however, Paul Leka, who penned the band's biggest hit, in fact their only hit, which to this day is still regularly included at the top end of 'one hit wonder' lists. And it's a song about busking.