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Number 94

Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase (Polydor 2066-249 - 1970)

Almost half a century on from the first edition of the British TV music show The Old Grey Whistle Test, a still unbeaten music magazine show in my opinion, it's intriguing to know exactly why an instrumental track by Area Code 615, a Nashville-based band made up of leading session players of the time, was chosen for the theme tune for this long-running show. As familiar to those of a certain generation as probably it's most notable host Whispering Bob Harris, its legion of top class musicians and it's weirdly animated album tracks, Stone Fox Chase was basically a drum and harmonica duet featuring Charlie McCoy, a notable session musician featured on such Dylan albums as Blonde on Blonde and Nashville Skyline. The much sampled track is particularly remembered for it’s opening few seconds but has later drawn attention by samplers for its hypnotic breakdown midway through, featuring a mixture of congas, drum set and cowbell with additional kalimba.