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Number 19

Pentangle - Basket of Light (Transatlantic TRA 205)

It's not exactly 1969, more like a couple of years later, when a young and hip Methodist Youth Club leader and his equally young and infinitely more attractive wife introduced me to Pentangle. I was the youth club deejay (well it was my dansette at any rate, otherwise I would never have been invited) and my singles collection was made up of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Move, The Kinks, Humble Pie and The Beatles records, with the odd McGuinness Flint and Atomic Rooster thrown in. I think the leader, whose name escapes me now, was getting slightly tired of me playing Voodoo Chile on repeat and was looking for something slightly more 'pastoral'. So the next week he brought in this strange LP for me to give a whirl. It started reasonably funky, but then I realised I had to take the speed down a notch to 33.1/3rd. Light Flight was probably the sweetest thing I'd ever heard up to that point and I was instantly hooked. I think the leader was so pleased that I liked the record that he gave it to me there and then as a present, as if he was presenting me with The Bible. He had achieved a conversion! When I later studied the gatefold sleeve I realised the band included Bert Jansch, a guitar player my art teacher was always banging on about, I took a keener interest. This LP therefore opened up a delicious Pandora's Box of goodies that have stayed with me since. Seeing the original line up of Pentangle at the Royal Festival Hall a couple of years ago, courtesy of Liam's kind generosity and thoughtfulness has left a lasting memory that will stay with me.