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Number 209

Bert Jansch - LA Turnaround (Charisma CAS 1090)

In the mid1980s I had a cassette recording of both A Rare Conundrum and L.A. Turnaround, two Bert Jansch albums released in the early 1970s on the Charisma record label, both albums of which were obtained from a guitarist friend at the time. The two LPs effectively rekindled my enthusiasm for folk music in a time when The Blues was my only source of interest musically speaking. The album was notable in that it was co-produced by the ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith, who also played guitar on the album and Danny Thompson, who didn't. The bass duties were fulfilled by Klaus Voorman instead. The LP sleeve featured one of the lasting images of the highly influential guitar player, sitting in the studio with a guitar on his knee, a cigarette hanging limply from his mouth, whilst the sun flooded the studio with what was presumably Californian light. A much missed musician whose songs and instrumentals have influenced so many since.