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Number 21

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Smash Hits (Polydor ACB 00219)

The significance of the Smash Hits record for me personally is that it was my very first long playing record. Up to that point my record collection was made up purely of singles, some of which resided in a plastic wallet that I referred to as an 'album'. This was a most exciting progression, owning a real long playing gramophone record that crackled with static as it was removed from its inner sleeve. I recall placing it on the shelf, then standing back and admiring this collection of one solitary LP record, eagerly anticipating the next addition, which was but a week away along with next week's paper round money, whereupon I would seize the moment and double my current collection. Sadly, I don't recall my second record. Possibly something by Led Zeppelin, Free or Cream. You don't forget your first time though, do you?