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Number 23

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick - But Two Came By (Topic 12TS343)

An original copy of Martin Carthy's fifth LP from 1968 with Dave Swarbrick is a much sought after gem, pictures of which can be seen on my pal Kev's excellent Carthy Online website (now re-named Come Sing It Plain). Originally released on Fontana, this 1977 re-issue on Topic is probably not the duo's best or most revered record, but it certainly has a special place in my record collection, if not for the music and songs then certainly for the cover photo. This is the kind of picture I always try to catch when I'm at a gig; the moment when two musicians get up close and personal. These days the stage is always set up with mic stands too far apart, therefore the opportunity for this sort of picture is rare. I can't remember my first encounter with Carthy, I'm pretty sure it was the Prince Heathen record. A few years later I had to turf Liam out of his bed late one night when Martin came to stay. We watched Blade Runner as I recall. Strange night that, watching Blade Runner with a folk legend.