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Number 241

David Elliott - David Elliott (Atlantic SD 7222)

Sometimes it's not just the music that immediately attracts me to an LP, nor is it the cover shot, but rather a brief glance at the musicians listed on the back of the sleeve. I can't actually remember when I first picked up David Elliott's debut solo LP or for that matter where I bought it, but I do recall why I bought it. I noticed that Dave Mattacks was on drums, that BJ Cole was on steel guitar, that Francis Monkman was on piano and that both Tim Renwick and Albert Lee were playing guitar. I reasoned that it was very likely to be good. Further investigation revealed that whilst living in England in the early 1970s, Elliott worked with Free guitarist Paul Kossoff on his Love is the Lord project and his songs have subsequently been recorded by Levon Helm, April Wine an Tim Hardin.