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Number 250

Tir Na Nog - A Tear and a Smile (Chrysalis CHR1006)

I've just reacquainted myself with this LP after 40 years. In the days of swapping records with friends and with the local 'swap shop' the LP drifted off for a while and aside from a copy of the subsequent CD release, the LP has pretty much evaded rediscover, until that is, a recent visit to Steve Free's Music in the Green in Bakewell, whereupon I managed to return the LP to a good home. Leo O'Kelly and Sonny Condell look pretty much relaxed both on the front and the inner photographs on the gatefold sleeve, Condell looking particularly at home surrounded by all manner of early 1970s paraphernalia. The LP was produced by Tony Cox and features contributions by Larry Steele on bass and Barry de Souza on drums with some fine string arrangements by Nick Harrison. It has to be said, these songs will always sound better on a long playing record.