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Number 253

Amazing Blondel - A Few Faces (Bell Records ‎SBLL 131)

Having spent much of the 1970s and 1980s believing that the Amazing Blondel's recorded output consisted of merely four LP releases on the Island record label, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was there three further duo albums released on Dick James's DJM label, but there was in fact an earlier LP released just before what I had always imagined to be their debut album EVENSONG in 1970. AMAZING BLONDEL AND A FEW FACES was essentially a duo album featuring original members John Gladwin and Terry Wincott with a little help from a handful of British session players, including Big Jim Sullivan and Clem Cattini. The album cover features what appears to be an inebriated Terry Wincott laid across a four poster bed with an equally inebriated tavern maid and also a Great Dane, who may or may not be also drunk, with a vacant looking John Gladwin observing whilst plucking his lute. Well the LP was released on the Bell label later known for it’s pop output, with such acts as Dawn, Barry Manilow and David Cassady on its roster. Although the album has a slightly more mainstream rock feel than the subsequent Elizabethan-styled chamber folk of EVENSONG, FANTASIA LINDUM and ENGLAND, there were one or two signs of what was to come, in such songs as Saxon Lady, Shepherd's Song and Season of the Year.