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Number 254

Lou Reed and John Cale - Songs For Drella (Sire - 7599-26140-1)

Three years after the death of pop artist Andy Warhol, the former Velvet Underground band mates Lou Reed and John Cale reunited for a song cycle project, reflecting on the life of their friend and former mentor/producer/manager. The two musicians hadn't spoken to one another for years until meeting up once again at Warhol's memorial service in 1987. After a suggestion by painter Julian Schnabel, the two began working on a few highly personal songs, which resulted in not only a new album but also an accompanying film of Reed and Cale performing the songs face to face in the intimate setting of the Brooklyn Academy of Music with no audience. The name Drella, a mixture of Dracula and Cinderella, was never completely taken onboard by Warhol himself, although many of his friends used it as an affectionate nickname. After this collaboration Reed and Cale vowed never to work together again, then surprisingly reformed Velvet Underground shortly afterwards, after which, the two musicians retook their vows and didn't work together again.