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Number 261

Kate Bush - Lionheart (EMI EMA787)

In 1978, Kate Bush had already astonished both music critics and the public alike with her  debut LP The Kick Inside and most notably the surprise hit single Wuthering Heights and there was a sense of anticipation with the release of her follow up album Lionheart, which was released less than a year after her debut. Much of the material was written prior to the release of The Kick Inside, such was the rush to release the second album in November 1978, to capitalise on this surprise success and just in time for Christmas. Although Kate was unhappy with the LP, largely due to the impossible time period allowed to develop it, using mainly older songs written in her teens, Kate is on record as saying that the album was okay in such circumstances. I still personally find favour with the LP and find some of it highly fulfilling, but maybe that's just nostalgia.