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Number 264

Bert Jansch and John Renbourn - Bert and John (Transatlantic TRA144)

For Bert Jansch's fourth album in just two years, the guitar player invited friend and fellow guitar player John Renbourn along for a series of duets, predominantly instrumental with one or two songs, which was eventually released as a duo album in 1966. BERT AND JOHN was the beginning of a fruitful partnership which was fully realised shortly afterwards with the formation of Pentangle, along with the astonishing rhythm section of seasoned jazz session players Danny Thompson and Terry Cox, with singer Jacqui McShee completing the line-up. Barely half an hour's worth of music, the LP was later released in the States under the title STEPPING STONES, named after one of the instrumental duets, with a handful of additional tracks. The LP remains one of the finest examples of the empathetic playing of two of the most revered and much missed guitar players on the British music scene.