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Number 267

Martin Carthy - Because It's There (Topic 12TS389)

Keith Morris's cover shot of Martin Carthy's tenth album BECAUSE IT'S THERE, features a healthy looking thirty-something enjoying the simple outdoor pursuit of rambling, leaning on a stick by an English country stream. Could there be a more pastoral version of one of the British folk scene's most iconic figures, who now celebrates sixty years as a folk performer, with a highly prolific back catalogue. Two tracks on the LP feature Howard Evans on trumpet, a sound that would be explored further with Carthy's band Brass Monkey, together with the distinctive accordion playing of John Kirkpatrick. Produced by Ashley Hutchings, the LP features a reworking of Lovely Joan, a song that first appeared on Carthy's debut LP back in 1965, and the later version I chose as the opening track on my very first radio show for local hospital radio back in the mid 1980s. So as a broadcaster, this for me was where it all started.