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Number 270

Claire Hamill - October (Island ILPS 9225)

It's been a good while since Claire Hamill featured in our Vinyl Junkie series, her debut LP making an appearance as number 20 in the series. Claire Hamill's follow up album to ONE HOUSE LEFT STANDING had the easier to remember title OCTOBER, which made its appearance in 1973, released on the Island label. Claire rubbed shoulders with some of her label mates during the time, including John Martyn, although by all accounts she never did meet Nick Drake, an artist she is so often compared to. Recorded in - yes you guessed it - October of 1972, the LP made its appearance the following year. Produced by Paul Samwell Smith and with evocative photography by Lord Lichfield, OCTOBER stands as a perfect example of the early British singer songwriter and possibly paved the way for Kate Bush to follow a couple of years later.