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Number 271

Gram Parsons - Grievous Angel (Reprise Records K 54018)

I can't actually claim to have been a Gram Parsons fan when this album was first recorded back in the Summer of 1973, despite being very much aware of the singer through his work with the Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds. It would be shortly after Parsons' death that the name began to have some resonance, mainly due to a greater awareness of Emmylou Harris throughout the 1970s, a singer very much associated with Parsons. Well Gram sadly didn't get to see the release of the album in early 1974 having died of a morphine and alcohol overdose in the Summer of '73, becoming yet another in a growing list of rock and roll casualties. Parsons wasn't in good shape when he recorded this album and much of the material was made up of hastily put together odds and ends, but despite this, the album showcased some highly memorable moments such as the heartfelt duet with Harris on Boudleaux Bryant's tender Love Hurts.