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Number 272

King Crimson - Islands (Island ILPS 9175)

ISLANDS was the fourth LP by British progressive rock outfit King Crimson and was released in 1971 on the Island record label. If the album is sometimes thought of as the weakest album in the early incarnation of the band, then it's due to the superior nature of the three albums that preceded it. It was the last King Crimson to feature the lyricist Peter Sinfield, paving the way for a new incarnation of the band who would go on to record the superb trio of albums LARK'S TOUNGUES IN ASPIC, STARLESS AND BIBLE BLACK and RED. With then newcomer Boz Burrell, later of Bad Company fame, taking lead vocals, the album's real strong point is Robert Fripp's mellotron work as well as his trademark guitar playing. The LP is also noted as one of the first rock albums to feature a sleeve with no mention of the band or the title, just a depiction of the Trifid Nebula in Sagittarius, something that would seemingly become commonplace such as with albums by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.