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Number 276

Bert Jansch - It Don't Bother Me (Transatlantic TRA132)

In the late 1960s, it was considered cool to have a Bert Jansch record in your collection, especially one of the earlier Transatlantic records. By the time of Bert's death in 2011, it was still cool to own his records, and possibly even more so. The Scots guitar player remained pretty much an enigma throughout his career, a quietly spoken, reserved and rather shy man, yet a musician whose influence was far reaching. Bert's second LP was released in 1965, the same year in which his debut solo album was released. Although his eponymous album was very much a solo affair, IT DON'T BOTHER ME showed that he wasn’t alone, being joined on a couple of tracks by John Renbourn, as well as being joined by a reclining Beverley Martyn on the cover. Produced by Nathan Joseph and Bill Leader, the album demonstrated both the serious and the playful side of Jansch's songwriting, and to this day, recalls the heyday of the Soho acoustic music scene of the mid-1960s, with the echoes of Denmark Street lodged in its grooves.