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Number 278

Chris Squire - Fish Out of Water (Atlantic K50203)

During a period of inactivity, members of the hugely successful Progressive rock Band Yes set out to record their own personal projects which resulted in a handful of solo albums released during the mid 1970s. Arguably the best of the bunch, Chris Squire's record sounded almost like a Yes record, largely due to Squire's distinctive bass sound, but also in the use of symphonic orchestrations, courtesy of his childhood friend Andrew Pryce Jackman, who Squire had previously worked with in the band Syn. This would be the only solo album Squire would record until 2007 with the release of Swiss Choir. Although classed as a solo album, Squire acquired the help of musician friends Bill Bruford, Patrick Moraz and Mel Collins and on the opening song Hold Out Your Hand, we hear Cathedral organist Barry Rose performing on the church organ at St Paul's Cathedral.