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Number 280

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones Records COC 69100)

For the recording sessions of the Rolling Stones tenth album release, the band relocated to France, renting a villa in Nellcôte, whilst living abroad as tax exiles. Exile on Main Street was released as a double LP set in 1972 and featured an array of musician friends such as Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys, Jim Price and Jimmy Miller with guest appearances by the likes of Billy Preston, Dr John, Al Perkins and Gram Parsons. Despite lukewarm reviews at the time, the album has subsequently been regarded as one of the best albums the band has produced in its 58 years existence. At the time of its release, the NME put out a free flexidisc promoting some of the material on the album, with a specially recorded blues intro by Mick Jagger, which despite the poor quality of the sound, as was the case with cheaply produced flexi discs, I found myself playing it over and over at the time.