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Number 282

Hunter Muskett - Hunter Muskett (Bradleys Records 1003)

Hunter Muskett was formed in 1968 at Avery Hill College in South London by Terry Hiscock and Chris George, who were joined by fellow student guitarist Doug Morter, the band's name taken from an anecdote about an eccentric Cornishman. After their debut acoustic-based album Every Time You Move, the trio were joined by bass player Roger Trevitt and they soon went out on the road as an electric folk rock outfit. Their self-titled follow up LP was released in 1973 and featured the band's most noted song Silver Coin, which was released as a single with John Blair as the b side. The album was produced at Island's No 2 studio by Keith Relf, the ill-fated ex front man with The Yardbirds. King Crimson drummer Michael Giles also appears on the album. Silver Coin is not only the band's most notable song, it has also been widely covered by such artists as Bridget St John, Archie Fisher, Ken Campbell, Derek Brimstone, Alan Taylor and Barbara Dickson.