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Number 292

Free - Free (Island ILPS 9104)

By the time Free had played the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, which showcased the band's current hit All Right Now, the young band had already released three albums, TONS OF SOBS recorded in 1968 but released the following year, the band's most popular album FIRE AND WATER in 1970 and somewhere in between, their eponymous LP. The thing that was unusual about Free at the time, was that the band were so young, Andy Fraser being only 15 when the band formed, whilst Paul Kossoff was 17, and both lead singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke were 18. The band's very distinct sound was becoming more evident by the time this LP arrived, produced by the head of Island Records himself, Chris Blackwell. The songwriting partnership of Rodgers and Fraser had begun to bloom around this time, though the band's demise just a few years later was largely due to tensions between the two, with the added problems arising from Kossoff's ongoing drug addiction. The other notable thing about this LP was its cover, designed by Ron Rafaelli, his model silhouetted against stars, leaping through the air, with the band's name almost too tiny to read at the top.