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Number 297

Dick Gaughan - A Different Kind of Love Song (Celtic Music CM 017)

Coming after arguably Gaughan's finest album A Handful of Earth, with the collaborative album Parallel Lines with Andy Irvine sandwiched between, A Different Kind of Love Song sees Gaughan taking a political stance with some fine song writing of his own, mixed in with some carefully chosen non originals, such as Joe South's Games People Play and Ewan Maccoll's The Father's Song. Once again Leon Rosselson's songwriting is featured as on the previous LP, this time with the controversial song Stand Up for Judas, which effectually reversed the perception of the gospels. The title song, written by Gaughan, is almost an apology for writing and singing songs of a more political nature, in fact I recall some reviewers at the time wishing for the Labour Party to be re-elected as soon as possible, so that Gaughan could get back to singing traditional material. The album is also notable for its fatter sound, helped along by the inclusion of a full band including Dave Pegg's familiar folk rock bass contribution. Possibly the stand out song is Gaughan's meditation on war, with the powerful Think Again.