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Number 6

Various Artists - Bumpers (Island IDP1)

I don't remember exactly where I picked up Bumpers from, quite possibly Foxes Records in Doncaster. Foxes had one of those sound booths where you could listen to samples of the records you were about to part with your hard earned cash for and I dare say this is one of the LPs I would've put to the test. Not that the paper round was really hard work. Sampler albums were the best way of hearing several bands and artists for the price of one and it was always the 'label' that sold the product for me. If it was on Harvest, Chrysalis, Charisma, Vertigo or Island, then it was always going to be right down my street. This double album introduced me to the likes of Nick Drake, Mott the Hoople, King Crimson, John and Beverley Martyn, If, Blodwyn Pig and many others, although I was already well aware of Cat Stevens, Free and Jethro Tull. Most of the tracks were recorded in 1970 but I dare say I picked this album up a couple of years later. It's still a record I like to pop on the turntable every now and again. I also think I had a pair of bumpers. We all did.